Cozy, Comfy, and Classy Fluff Chairs.

Fluff Chairs are very comfortable and similar to a beanbag chair but way better! They only look like a beanbag chair. These Fluff Chairs are made of quality foam.  The Fluff Chair is ideal for children or adults of all abilities. As well as pets!
The large size makes Fluff Chairs a likely candidate for added casual seating.  Yet, are more compact than traditional loveseat furniture, and can be stored away when extra seating is not required, or when extra floor space is desired.
Once you take a seat you are likely to stay there for a long, long time, because Fluff Chairs are exceptionally comfortable. The shredded foam provides for maximum comfort, never lose their fullness and never have to be refilled (unike a beanbag). A Fluff Chair conforms to your body when you sit in it, that means there are no pressure points. It’s as if you are sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud.

Fluff Chairs can be excellent for playing viedo games, relaxing, cuddling, watching TV, and even napping. It’s furniture for just about any room in the house, even children's rooms.

These Fluff Chair's are quality furniture at a great price. We make them inexpensive for you, but it's not cheaply made furniture. Plus we make them just for you. You choose the fabric (Twill, Denim, Micro-Suede), size (XS, 2Ft - XXL, 7Ft), and color you want.

We also make pet beds, angled lounge chair, and an exclusive cuddle cushion.

For more information or to order please email.

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